VCG Training Institute is a leading organization in the field of training and providing personnel for building management, licensed by the Ministry of Construction. Understanding the challenges faced by building managers, specialized departments, as well as the importance of Building Services for customers and the existence and development of businesses, VCG Training Institute aims to provide valuable and practical courses that provide the necessary knowledge and confidence for building managers and specialized personnel based on the extensive professional experience and practical expertise of VCG Training Institute’s experts.


The mission of VCG Training Institute is to bring success to managers through specially designed programs that are suitable for practical situations. It ensures the provision of sufficient knowledge to enable managers to professionally and effectively manage building operations.


By 2025, VCG Training Institute aims to become one of the top 10 leading companies in Ho Chi Minh City in the field of training and providing high-level human resources.


Thoughts: Must be HONEST. Actions: Must have VALUE. Behavior: Must be SINCERE. Operational Philosophy: Operation should be based on WISDOM.

For oneself: Do not work if you do not understand the meaning of your work in your own life. For customers: Do not sell if you do not believe that the products or services you are preparing to provide will improve the lives of customers. For internal VCG Training Institute: There is no concept of old or new, high or low, external or family. There is only the concept of “People with value.”


  • Condominium Management
  • Building Management
  • Condominium Management Board
  • Condominium + Building Management
  • Building Management + Condominium Management Board
  • Advanced Building Operations Skills
  • Condominium + Building Management + Management Board + Advanced
  • Facility Management Skills (Chief Engineer)
  • Technician Skills
  • Quality Service Supervision Skills